Privacy Principles

VLOGit was built to bring friends closer together. We help you connect with friends and family, discover local events and attractions, find groups to join and share your life experiences with the people closest to you. But not everyone wants to share everything with everyone – including with us. It’s important that you have choices when it comes to how your data is used. These are the principles that guide how we approach privacy at VLOGit.

We give you control of your privacy

You should be able to make the privacy choices that are right for you, with the VLOGit Community you have complete control of your privacy.

We help people understand how their data is used

While our Data Policy describes our practices in detail, we go beyond this to give you even more information. For example, we include education and tools in the day-to-day use of VLOGit.

We design privacy into our products from day one

We design privacy into VLOGit products with guidance from experts in areas like data protection and privacy law, security, interface design, engineering, product management, and public policy. Our privacy team works to build these diverse perspectives into every stage of product development.

We work hard to keep your information secure

We work around the clock to help protect VLOGit accounts, and we build security into every VLOGit product. Our security systems run millions of times per second to help catch threats automatically and remove them before they ever reach you. You can also use our security tools like two-factor authentication to help keep your account even more secure.

You own and can delete your information

You own the information you share on VLOGit. This means you decide what you share and who you share it with on VLOGit, and you can change your mind. That’s why we give you tools for deleting anything you’ve posted. We remove it from your timeline and from our servers. You can also delete your account whenever you want.

Improvement is constant

We’re constantly working to develop new controls and design them in ways that explain things to people clearly. We invest in research and work with experts beyond VLOGit including designers, developers, privacy professionals and regulators.

We are accountable

In addition to comprehensive privacy reviews, we put products through rigorous data security testing. We also meet with regulators, legislators and privacy experts around the world to get input on our data practices and policies.